Breeding to Improve, Preserve and Enhance the Characteristics that make the Weim's and GSP's so unique''
AKC  Junior Hunter
AKC Junior Hunter
Pheasant Hunt
AKC Field Champion &
AKC Junior Hunter
SOS Kennels has been in business for over 12 years. We are located in the scenic farmlands of Schuylkill Haven,
Pennsylvania.  We are approx 45 minutes north of Harrisburg and 8 minutes off of Interstate 81.  

SOS focuses on breeding and training of German Shorthaired Pointers (GSPs) and Weimaraner (Weims). SOS is
NOT a puppy mill that sells puppies for money. We give careful consideration to the bloodlines, the parents and
the overall quality of the pups they will produce. We breed to Improve, Preserve and Enhance the characteristics
that make these two breeds of dogs so unique. These characteristics are excellent temperament, confirmation,
intelligence, trainability and natural hunting ability. Our dogs also compete in AKC hunt tests and NAVHDA
and have proven to be great hunters. Although most puppies from SOS go to hunting homes, GSPs and Weims
are both top breeds for family pets. We sell our pups to approved homes only and never sell to agents, brokers or
pet shops. We only place our pups in homes where they are loved like a family member - as they are when they
are with us.
If you are considering a GSP or Weim, please compare our kennel to others. We are certain you will see why it
makes sense to deal with SOS. Browse our website - it contains a ton of useful and informative information
about us and our dogs. Then feel free to contact us at (570) 617-5033 to share your interest, ask questions and
see if your home would be a great home for one of our pups.
If you are looking to get a pup from us, contact us on the availability of our pups as you might want to reserve
a puppy early. We start receiving deposits, for most litters, 6 to 12 months in advance. We have a large list of
satisfied clients and a list of people wishing to join them. See for yourself at
Our Extended Family.

We have at least 1 pup in each and every state within the US and also have some pups in Canada. If you look at
the love we have for our dogs, the time we put into our dogs, look at the pedigrees(as we have some of the best
in the country), come meet us and meet our will see why we are one of the few breeders who have a
waiting list!!

Our satisfaction rating, thus far, is 100% and we intend on keeping it that way.  We guarantee our dogs with
a written 5 year health guarantee and do whatever we can to satisfy our new puppy owners.  We are always
here to help in anyway we can.  Not just for a few weeks after the pup goes home but, for the life of it.  
Please check out or "
References" to see for yourself.

You may also contact us by e-mail at  Thanks again for stopping by to visit us and
our dogs!  We look forward to speaking with you soon.     

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AKC Junior Hunter
Remmy pointing a covey of bobwhites as Maverick, Mapaya and King Honor
AKC Junior Hunter
AKC Field Champion &
From the left...Beau, Smokey, Dixie, Hunter, Dyani, Sisika and Mapaya
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